Entry #4

1 Epic Artwork Added LOL

2014-05-17 17:00:23 by carldeala2010

I recently drew a fanart of Heero Yuy from the Gundam Wing series. I poured some sweat, yeah, to finish this one. Though it only took me a day, no, half a day, no, 5 hours. LOL


I have a question: how can an artist become scouted? I really, really, really want to see my artworks in the art portal in newgrounds. Thanks, to anyone who can answer my question. Good day!


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2014-08-06 03:04:20

Short explanation, you get scouted by being scouted by a person who is scouted.
So, since I'm scouted, I have the power to scout you.
But looking to your art, I think you needs lots of improvement before I or anyone will scout you.
Not because it's terrible, but cause it's quite not there yet for scouting standards.

Also because there's this thing called pruning where scouting a non worthy artist causes you and the person who scouted you and the person who scouted the person before that will get unscouted.
That is why a lot of scouters are conscoius who they scout.

So, just keep on drawing and improving. Learn the basic fundamentals of art and explore beyond anime and chibi stuff. You'll eventually improve.